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I am in with all digital platforms, iTunes, Amazon and Ultraviolet.

As easy as iTunes is for everyone, Ultraviolet is still the best because its available on almost every platform (via VUDU/Flixster) and you can share accounts across your family up to 5 people. No other service offers that. You buy a movie add it, everyone can see it. Your brother adds a movie, the 5 people see it in their catalog.

Plus they do disc to digital, so adding current movies you own to digital format is $2 (SD) or $5 (HD) and then 50% off if you do 10 or more.

Go to the local library, grab 20 movies and add to your collection. if Itunes did some type of family sharing ( not just using the same login) or disc to digital matching, Ultraviolet would be more in trouble.



You'll only get digital copies from titles that came with both DMR and Digital Copy (or Digital Copy Plus)... regular DMR can be redeemed but won't unlock a digital copy.




I put in some codes for my older movies and only got points for them and not a digital copy form the app. Little Mermaid and FOX and Hound didn't give me digital versions. Only my princes and the frog did.

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