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There are multiple problems that occur when dealing with programs like this for DJ'ing. Granted if you're doing video work this is probably one of your best options format wise, however unless you are ripping w/a lossless codec such as FLAC then the cd holds a higher quality of sound, not only that but with a computer program you are unable to control multiple things at once, for example rather than relying on the crossfade option you can manipulate sound levels on both decks for a much better transition, or if you want to beat match while adjusting sound levels or anything else you need actual fingers and actual buttons because last time I checked there was no option for two independent mouse pointers on the screen (then the problem of coordinating them). Also, physical equipment is not nearly as expensive as you make it out to be, a starting DJ can pick up a Numark CD Mix 1 (or preferably 2 because its not that much more expensive and is higher quality) for $200-$300, a far cry from the thousands you stated. It also eliminates chances of computer issues overall such as CPU slowdown (these programs love to eat cpu), while the physical equipment has its own processing units, etc. So although this may be a cheaper option compared to the 200-300 for a pretty standard mixer/dual-cd deck its very much worth it.

On a side note analog is subpar sound quality compared to digital recording methods, although I have quite a few vinyls that were never released on cd's I will not and do not bring them around with me because i trust no one else's player but mine (rare stuff).

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