Dolly Drive Backup Utility Review



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We've started using Dolly Drive only recently and the experience has been horrible. The software appears user-friendly enough, but it simply doesn't work. We've had multiple support tickets open due to crashing, locking up file shares, and the scheduler doesn't work. Tech support is incredibly slow (a reply takes over a week).
NOT worth the hassle.



Potential customers be forewarned: this company does not conduct business ethically. They stall when a customer cancels and requests a refund. I have requested a refund several times since Feb 2012 from their so called "Director - Client Services". Despite continuous promises from this so called "Director", I still have not received a refund. Ask yourself this question: if a company would screw their customers out of a refund, how could you trust them with your data? Consider yourself warned.



The newest version allows for disk-based seeding for their 1TB and 2TB accounts (and the 2TB account itself is also new).

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