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T Cate

Mr Bookwalter wrote a great review, but it's time to UPDATE !

I've always bought iLife with iDVD, so somewhere, I guess I still have the old DVDs and I'll have to install it on my two newest laptops. I hate when Apple drops product with no announcement and worse, no good alternative (all that back and forth with Corel, Adobe, Microsoft, and Google Maps). But, that's the heartless Apple Marketing department and not the community I love. But, this is the dark side of Apple and everyone seem to be in a rush to apologize for Apple's bone headed move.

Disc's are still very popular media and almost universal. I burn slideshows and videos for family members and sometimes for work on a disc, because it still the common denominator. Some devices will accept a USB port, but that's too slow. Some have flash card ports, but that's rare. And, I still vista a lot of homes (especial older relatives) who have no internet access, so "the cloud" option is not an option.

I've ordered an old copy of iLife 11 through Amazon (Dec 2013(, because I'm away from home and I'm not asking anyone to dig through my computer room. But, I also ordered Toast 11. I have used it before and while I got good results, the rendering time was really slow. And, ultimately, that video rendering is what iDVD did best, fastest, and it was fully integrated with iMovie and iPhoto.

If you search for DVD or DVD Creator on the current App Store, you get two dozen choices. The problem is that ALL of them are poor choices with a mixed reviews. None of them rate better than two starts from user report and the go from free (we know that means) to $25. Noe works smoothly on all platform and we are really do for a full review of DVD applications.

There is no mistake that iDVD was the slickest of the lot. Fairly intuitive, simple, and always burned a DVD that worked.

The ONLY way for APPLE to make this right is to offer iDVD as a downloadable app. I don't really care if it's free or they charge $99. I'd buy it, because it's just the video rendering software I've every used. And, this will make me hesitate buying a new black tower box, because I had assumed I could continue to use iLife, too.

Dec 2013


Marek Piekielnik

I've made a huge mistake buying this app and now I want to warn You not to do this. This is why:

1. All DVDFab programs are secured with erroneous activation launcher, which needs constant Internet connection to their servers. It works well when you use English locale setting in OS X, but may give strange results with other languages. It didn't worked with my locale at all. I couldn't activate my purchase and unlock DVDFab until I switched to English. This glitch is quite easy to workaround, but there are much worse problems with DVDFab...
2. They advertise DVDFab as "most full-featured and powerful video converter on Mac OS". Well, that just not true. Advertised OpenCL capability is simply not there, the same is with Nvidia CUDA. All you can count on is plain raw CPU encoding. And here you will get exactly the same performance as in all other media coders: Handbrake, Permute, iFFmpeg etc.). Most of them you will get for free.
3. When you pay for any DVDFab product, your licence is good FOR A YEAR. After that period you have to PAY AGAIN to use once bought app. And you may pay even when do not want to, because they make your payment renewing automatically!!! Without asking! If you will not switch off automatic renew on Avangate website (payment operator) or your card expire in the meantime, then you will be charged again!
4. They are not accepting refunds. Just that. Because not. And they're Chinese, so if you are unhappy customer (like me), then just say sayonara to your money.



DVDFab is a powerful and helpful DVD cloner software for my DVD collections. I also use a different DVD cloner software named Any DVD Cloner Platinum, it has a simple interface for copying, cloning and ripping my DVDs, too. Compared to Any DVD Cloner Platinum, DVDFab software's interface is too complicated, sometimes I do not need that much functions.
Of course, that is my personal opinion, some users may like that interface and need so many functions buttons.

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