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Like Jesterace said, Handbrake. Handbrake and VLC player are both free, and with those you can convert a DVD, but no Blu-rays. I have a windows machine with AnyDVD on it, which I got before they stopped the lifetime update licenses. So all of my legally purchased movies can be converted. Paired with a 64 gig iPad, travelling can be very entertaining!



You really should take another look at Ripit. It's come a long way since 2009.



Handbrake is one of the titles than can encode dvd's to different formats/devices.



What are some of the "grittier but viable free alternatives" you speak of?



Make MKV is a really good one. It works cross-platform -- Mac OS, Windows, and Linux (if you know what you're doing.)

It's freeware/shareware. DVD-ripping functionality is always free. Blu Ray is trialware. You can rip BDs for thirty days, but after that you must purchase a key.

I use it and it works great. It only outputs to a (lossless) MKV file. You need VLC (or another) to watch them on your Macintosh. Or you can use Handbrake to mix your lossless file down to an M4V for your iPod/iPad.

There's one for you if you don't mind MKV files. I like them because IMO they are far better than MP4/M4V for retaining subtitles and different streams. I can also never get 1080p video to work right when mixed down to the MP4/M4V format.

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