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Cool website: What do we want on iPhone. You would think Apple's noticed it by now....http://momo.uservoice.com/pages/i_phone_application


Imagine Engine

While I love my iPhone 3G I'm also disappointed at seeing how Apple avoids providing updates that will further advance the device in the smartphone market. Landscape typing for both email and SMS is one such feature that Apple could if they wanted to provide for free in a firmware update. Add to that A2DP, video recording, multiple attachments in Mail, MMS, sync Notes with OS X Leopard's Notes, To Do list that syncs with Leopard's To Do list, Birthdates to show in the iPhone Calendar and sync with iCal.



Hi Michael,

Thanks for the review! Last night Apple approved version 2.0 of EasyWriter Pro, which includes two new features:

1) A spell checker that is as powerful as any desktop spell checker, but fits in the iPhone UI.

2) Blackberry-style AutoText so you can type something short (like "sig") and have it automatically replaced by a longer text clipping.

Because of these additions, the price was increased to $2.99. I've had a few emails from existing users who just upgraded and absolutely loved the new features, which was pretty exciting.

As for the texting: I would absolutely LOVE to add texting capabilities, and unfortunately Apple doesn't allow iPhone apps to send text messages. If it every becomes possible I'll be sure to add it.


- Mike



The price also increased to $2.99 this morning.



Got 2.0 out now. according to their website. With "world’s most advanced mobile spell checker!".

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