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So after reading a ton of reviews on this printer and realizing a didn't really have ANY other viable multifunction printer choices I bit the bullet and bought the "Epson Artisan 835."

With 10.6 running on my MBP I was able to download and install all of the appropriate drivers and successfully BOTH scan and print wirelessly. All functions go.

So basically the above review is incorrect (comment J.R.?) and anyone w/ a mac looking for a decent wifi MFP like I was should know this is still a solid option, and if you also like to print to CD/DVD, your ONLY option (unfortunately.)



JUST about to buy this when I read this review. Now I'm not sure since reading your negative comment:
"Scanning from printer to computer requires USB connection."

Why is it that everywhere else I've looked on the web they say the opposite? The Epson website says this about wifi:"Built-in wireless and Ethernet networking lets you print, scan and access memory card slots from any room in the house" The apple store, pcworld and macworld have the same. Was this an error or do you know something no one else does?

This search has been very frustrating. With our limited space we must have an MFP and it's almost impossible to find one that does everything we need: print & scan wirelessly, copy, print directly to DVD/CD and also have a MDF. You'd think by now these things would be common.

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