Epson Stylus Photo R2880



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I got this printer as a smaller alternative to my Epson 7600 (the 24" wide fine art printer) and the 2880 has been nothing but problems in the 6 months I've tried to use it. It suffers from constant paper issues if you use fine art papers like german etching; I'd say 75% of the time ANY sheet of paper won't feed correctly and needs at least 1-3 more tries. This makes for a very, very, very frustrating printer.

It's hard to say if my color consistency issues are because I'm using a 3rd party ink tank system or not, but I've had a lot of color issues as well as some channels of ink just stopping printing.

Skip this printer; it's just too cheap. Step it up to the pro line of Epson printers, it's worth the extra money for a lot less hassle.

As a comparison, my Epson 7600 printer can go months with no use and print perfectly the first time. Definitely not so with this R2880; I'm very sorry I bought it.

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