Epson WorkForce 600



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I joined MacLife specifically to find a printer that would work smoothly with our new iMac, having just moved from decades of pure PC...I'm totally naive.

So thanks, real peeps, and yes, shame on lazy reviewers. Please don't assume I'm smart. I still have PC cobwebs... I need clear and gentle guidance, not clever marketing ditto-heads.



C'mon. This review is as unacceptable as Epson's lack of duplexing support for Mac. You guys are supposed to actually *try* the features Epson claims to provide.

I bought this printer as a Christmas present for my Dad to replace his Canon MP780. And I made the mistake of believing your 5-square "Awesome" rating and the "It does everything but make coffee—and looks great doing it" opener of your review...

Your gushing review does not merely neglect to mention this printer's lack of full Mac support, but the closing lines of the review actually MISLEAD a person to think that the printer will, in fact, do double-sided printing. If you're on a Mac it won't. And Epson doesn't appear to care about that. I'd have been better off getting my Dad another Canon (he was replacing the MP780)... it won't fax on a Mac, but it will print double-sided.

There was a time when your reviewers would explicitly and forcefully discredit a product when it failed to fully support Macs (you are "MACLIFE" afterall). Mac-centric reviews are an important part of why I subscribe to MacLife. It's my job to vet the things that I buy, so shame on me. But part of that process used to rely in part on the reviews you published... Shame on you.



The "Awesome" rating is based upon incorrect information. The Workforce 600 does NOT permit double-sided printing on Macs. This is verified on Epson's website:

Vague disclaimer: "Some applications and/or functions, like double-sided printing, are not supported by Mac."

The "Awesome" rating should be downgraded as it's based upon an incorrect feature set. If a printer manufacturer can't figure out duplexing(and additional "some" unspecified functions) for OS X, it probably shouldn't be in the business. I will not be buying one and I will be reading MacLife reviews with considerably more scrutiny in the future.

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