Filemaker Bento 3



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Additions in this version of Bento bring it closer to Filemaker Pro. A Bento contact selection or search can initiate a group message in Mail.




I run a small business and mostly need Bento to organize clients for follow-up. I've been able to post entries in the notes section to keep track of when I talk to my client and because it easily integrates with address book, so can my remote assistant. I wasn't able to figure some things out without reading the pdf manual, but once I did, it was very easy to understand.

This review is fantastic because it's so clear about the differences between the two programs. I'm disappointed about not being able to print labels, but I believe I can figure out how to do it through the Mac somehow. I would also like to be able to integrate form letters, and it seems that Bento can't do that.

All in all, it seems that with some tweaking, Bento will work well for me, especially since it has an iPhone app and I'm on the road a lot. This article was helpful in allowing me to know if the limitations of Bento will be enough for me to need to upgrade to Filepro. Thanks!



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I just ordered a new iMac with Bento 3 installed hoping it will be an effective data base for organizing my "Home Directory" better than finder can.

Appreciate the comments, thanks,




The reason Bento is so crippled when it comes to customization is that it has no support for Apple Events (AppleScript), and it doesn't support Services in Snow Leopard. Creating a script or service to print sheets of labels would be easy IF Bento had ANY scripting support. Sad.The benefit of adding scripting support is that other applications and scripts can communicate with Bento to add custom features like specialized mail messages, etc. And the best part is that scripting interfaces don't change the user interface of the application one bit. More power with no added UI complexity!Get with it FIleMaker!!!!! 



Liked the review...any suggestions on a good program to send customized emails?Thanks,Mike

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