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Hi I read the review of Firetask in Maclife mag. I highly regard good reviews in maclife. I did give Firetask a go in trial mode and while I'm new to GDT I found the software visually lush, but lacking basic UI control elements of being on the Mac. In comparison I also tried both OMNI task & things. Little oddities in fire task like no command-delete to delete….seriously? NO delete hotkey? only w/ mouse action and not even standard hotkey mapping? Also only search from the app, not integration w/ universal system wide search via Spotlight? … I DID LOVE LOVE LOVE the auto #tagging, but that feature alone just couldn't bring me the rest of the way when I can't delete w/ the standard keys and use spotlight to find tasks, especially at a price so close to Things which does support all those elements.

I was hoping to find in Firetask tagging features the todo(s) functional equivalent to Fantastical auto recognition to calendar entry. For the moment I'll buy a license to Things for todo's and I'll keep on eye on Firetask Mac development.

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