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I can't see how you can give this software a 4 out of 5 rating.

Fist of all, customer support is non-existent. I have emailed theescapers several times and have not heard one reply.

Second: The forums are so limited and don't address real issues.

Third: The edit screen in a vertical reference, doesn't match the preview screen and leaves you guessing as to what size the elements should be. So what you see in edit mode is different from preview.

Fourth: It generates bad code for the "video" element. It doesn't recognize the single quote and it insists that the "source" tag be closed, which is not proper html5 code. The source tag is open. No matter how many times I edit it to the correct code, Flux defaults back to using double quotes and closing the source tag.

Fifth: It generates it's own code without instruction. When you click on an element to edit, it sometimes generates a random style position.

Do not buy this product for it has way too many bugs and needs a serious patch/update.


Steve Paris

Hi Brandon

Obviously, I would disagree :)

Yes, the interface does look confusing, but read through the manual and watch a few of their online tutorials and you'll quickly get the hang of it.

Also, what I loved about iWeb was how easy it was to customise the look of your webpages and I haven't found any other web design apps that allows you to do just that with relative simplicity - emphasis on "relative" (with the added bonus of writing better code than iWeb ever did).

There are many apps out there that focus on ease of use - but at the expense of customisability. I found Flux preserved that flexibility.

Shame it's so expensive.



i disagree with the review mainly becuase of its "hard to use-ness" and its limitedness. id give it a 2...



I would not know the numbers between Flux users and RapidWeaver users, but I would think RapidWeaver users are a significant group from the iWeb refugees Apple created. As an iWeb refugee myself and a new RW user, I would appreciate some comparisons between Flux and RW.

Obviously, the WYSIWYG interface of Flux is one key difference and draw, but sounds to me like the Flux interface is a tad more daunting than RW overall. Plus, RW has a plethora of plugins that really supercharges the final results that are possible. And so forth. Many items to ponder and weigh.

Perhaps you might could do a comparison followup for other former iWeb users now shopping for a new web development platform. The decision is huge and not so easy as first appears, since once you commit to a platform, your investment in time and work to get your sight fully developed gets so significant so fast, you hardly are induced to jump ship on platforms.

Just a thought to help out even further abandoned iWeb developers.

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