Fu-Design Cities Series iPhone 5 Case Review

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Fu-Design Cities Series iPhone 5 Case Review

Urban warriors will appreciate this simple one-piece snap-on case with bright illustrations from Fu-design, featuring London, New York, Paris, and Taipei.  There's no screen protector, but the back and edges of your iPhone will be guarded by three different layers. Two plastic layers are backed with a  durable aluminum alloy. Echo Creative assures us that the metal helps with heat dissipation, but...is iPhone overheating really a problem that needs solving?

Either way, the Cities Series cases are solidly-built, and protect your iPhone's back and edges with very little added bulk. It's not going to win any awards for innovation, but this is a solid case, and the designs are really cool. The bottom is wide open too, so our Lightning Adapter fits without a problem.

The bottom line. We're not sure heat dissipation is an iPhone issue that needs addressing, but the Cities Series offers good protection for your phone.

Fu Design and Echo Creative

iPhone 5


Simple. Easy to install and remove. Metal backing layer.


Is overheating really an issue for your iPhone?



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