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...for correcting the boo-boo. I teach graphic design, and have had a compulsion to proofread absolutely everything for decades.



This is not the first time I have commented on a spelling error on the MacLife website. The company name is GRADO, NOT GARDO! If I recall correctly it's named for its founder, Joe Grado. I have used a Grado phono cartridge on my Technics turntable for nearly thirty years.


Ray Aguilera

Good catch! We do our best, but every now and then a typo gets through. That's how you know Mac|Life is created by actual humans, rather than just a bunch of clever robots.


As a music nut I've had my fair share of headphones. I can say definitively now that they do make a difference.

Do yourself a favor if you listen to your music with headphones... these are wonderfully clear at all volume levels. I've found myself listening at lower levels because even at "1" instead of "10" the music is clear as a bell.



The Grado SR60's are a terrific value. I concur in all points with Ray Aguilera's review. The sound is an awakening for those who have never used Grados. Very clear and responsive, and renders bass very well. The open design avoids the boominess of closed designs, important in bass-heavy music. Way back when I read a review by Corey Greenberg in the June '94 issue of Stereophile, which prompted me to go to my local stereo store and pick up a pair. I have never had cause to regret the purchase. While the cans have a really retro look, their performance has always been just superb. Not mentioned in the review is the 6-foot length and large diameter of the cord, so it's not one of your cheapo outfits, and the jack has a 1/4" adapter over a 1/8" jack, so it's usable on nearly all boxes.The soft foam earpads do disintegrate over time, but replacements are available by mail from Grado in Brooklyn. (Yes, the Grados are made here in the USA.) The earpads do last a while, even though they may discolor. I have bought just one set in the 15 years since I bought them. For this end of their line (Grado cans can be quite pricey) Grado does not offer a carrying case, so it's up to the end user to figure out how to stow them when traveling; I use my iPod bag, something I picked up in the camera department of Target. For the price, the Grado SR60's are worth trying. I highly recommend them.

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