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Ive been using the GCONNECT for awhile now and I have to say that I share the same concerns as Seamus. However, the weak rating is pretty... well...weak.

Recently, I took a long road trip with my friends and family in a minivan from San Francisco to Las Vegas via Los Angeles. Even if the GCONNECT had a built in battery, it stil doesnt negate the fact that at some point you would be forced to plug in the device. The fix for the GCONNECT is simple. Like with charging your phone in your car, plug it in! Doing this one thing alone made the device totally worth it. My friends and family, after the initial mingling, started to connect to the GCONNECT (i might have bragged that they had access to a tonne of media) and so they began to watch, read and listen to all the media I had on it. It was super simple to get them to download the iOS app for it, login and enjoy the ride. I can imagine families with kids would benefit from this greatly. The only qualm i had with it was that it only supported 5ppl to connect to it(however, seagate's goflex is only 3).

As for people who want the built in battery, I created my own battery pack by connecting the GCONNECT with a mophie external battery pack (if you dont know mophie ,get to know them). Not the most elegant solution but I carry my mophie with me everywhere, no matter what. Anyhow, I was taking the high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai and wanted to kill some time. The mophie i used allowed me to have about 2.5 hours of play time with two people connected to it (one ipad2 and one iphone4) streaming Star Trek HD. HD! This seemed to impress the people around me and definitely impressed the person I was traveling with;)

Wifi passthru would definitely be nice to have. however, if I am viewing media I generally wouldnt be surfing the net at the same time (at least if im viewing from my mobile devices). So this is a nice to have.

The firmware was a non-issue for me.

For my uses (on the go media streaming with up to 5 people, car and air trips, train rides, media storage so my mobile devices arent packed to the hilt) this device is great. It definitely needs a bit of refinement but it hits my needs quite well. It cost less then the competition and fullfilled 93.8% of my expectations!


John Durocher

The G-Connect does have wireless pass through. I have both G-Connect and Seagate Satellite and the g-Connect pass through works without issue while the Seagate I have not got to work yet.

While I like the Seagate and the idea of the battery, the wireless passthrough does not work making it un-useable for me.

The G-Connect in operation (albeit when plug available) works great. I copied music to it and it plays. The Seagate required an additional operation via a script embedded in iTunes causing the process to transfer movies much longer

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