Gefen USB to DVI Adapter



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I purchased many Gefen products over the years, when one stopped working I called to request sending in for repair (I was expecting to pay). Since Gefen has updated many boxes any older boxes, they informed me they will not repair anything but current models, so I am out of luck...
I would suggest considering this factor when purchasing anything from Gefen.


Linda Morgan

On the following link, you can see that Gefen has noted that its USB to DVI Adapter is using Apple OS X drivers that are currently in beta development, meaning the current Apple OS X driver does not support 2D/3D (OpenGL) video acceleration. Screen motions will be slower than on an equivalent PC, and some features of Mac OS X applications that require hardware OpenGL acceleration, such as Keynote presentations and iPhoto slideshows, will not function properly. The company is currently in the process of developing a new Mac OS X driver that will support 2D/3D video acceleration, virtually eliminating the reviewer's complaints.

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