Glif for iPhone 5 Review

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Glif for iPhone 5 Review

Studio Neat's clever Glif looks like a musical note from the side, hence its name. But that's not the cool thing about it -- Glif snaps onto your iPhone, then lets you securely screw that device onto a tripod or other camera-mounting system, so you can take better photos.

Glif isn't new, but Studio Neat did update it for iPhone 5, and it's still only $20 by itself. For another $10, the Glif+ package also includes a Serif strap for extra security, and a Ligature loop that lets you attach the Glif to your keychain. I don't really break out a serious tripod often (though I have been known to get silly with a Gorillapod from time to time), so I'm happy with just the Glif, but your mileage may vary, and Studio Neat's thoughtful design and use of recycled materials are bound to delight.

The bottom line
. It's absolutely amazing how a few well-chosen add-ons can really elevate your iPhone photography game, and the Glif is a great example of that.

Studio Neat
$20 (Glif+ package, $30, includes Glif, Serif bracket, and Ligature keyring loop)

iPhone 5 (version also available for iPhone 4/4S)


Easy to use. Easy to carry. Lets you secure your iPhone to any standard camera mount or tripod.


We got nuthin' -- it's awesome.



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