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As someone who enjoys playing with new tech if it can be had for cheap. I decided to buy a Nexus 7.
I have owned a iPad in the past but found it too heavy to hold in bed and watch a video or read a book. I had always thought a 7" tablet would be nice but when I tried out several like a Nook tablet or one of the other 7" Android models. They all lacked something. So I know some who have received their Nexus 7 have had issues. Mine was not without issues but much of my problems were solved with a hard reset of the OS on the device. When I started from a fresh install things worked much better. I am still working with a flickering backlight at times but suspect this could be fixed in a OS update. Some owners have been dealing with loose screens which are basically bad assembly and quality control issues. Its hard to tell how much of this is web based hysteria and what is real. But given it took Google a week to respond to a customer service question I had. I would guess Google has some issues. But these are not issues limited to the Nexus 7. Any small form device can have these issues as you can see from Apple's own refurbish store.
These devices most likely have a higher defect rates. As for the Nexus 7 and my impressions. Its a device that meets my expectations at about 80%. I did not like that Jelly Bean 4.1 Android does not support Flash mobile because Adobe decided to drop support. I'll live and if you really want Flash their is a hack but Adobe is not updating it anyway so security will suffer. I find the screen is very clear and crisp and frankly on a small screen retina is way over played by Apple. WiFi is the only option although Google does take advantage of cell towers and such for its mapping services if you choose to enable it. Battery life is decent and as far as I am concerned Apps are plentiful and just like Apple's app store the Android one has as many duds and hits. As is always the case its hard to create a decent app will keeping the file size small.
In the end I found the Nexus 7 to be almost as enjoyable as a iPad given the smaller form and the fluid response thanks to the quad core CPU. Is it as polished as a iPad? No. But for $200 who cares.

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