Grado Labs Reference Headphone Amp RA1



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That about says it. Check Grado's website. It's all there.



macsuperuser's comments are surprising, considering that a headphone amp is just that, a headphone amp, not a speaker amp. We ARE discussing a headphone amp, right? Nothing "ridiculous" about that.Yes, it IS battery-powered. Perfect for this oh, so mobile society, and free from entangling power cords. And 9 volt batteries are rechargeable, and are available with chargers for that purpose.Yes, the price is off-putting for a small wood-encased product. Or so it would appear. Priced at $399, the Grado amp is an audiophile product. Audiophiles expect to spend more money for superior sound reproduction. The Grado amp provides it, and more. If one is not looking for superior sound, avoid pricey audiophile products.I do not understand why the review is lame. It is accurate, as far as it goes. Audiophile magazines give more detailed information, but that's not what Mac|Life is all about. I am delighted that one of the best headphone amps around has gotten a review in a mainstream publication of the quality of Mac|Life.I hope that macsuperuser takes a chance to give the Grado amp a listen. It is superb. It is now available in two configurations for either high- or low-impedance headphones. If you do a good deal of listening with "cans", Mr. macsuperuser, you'll either reach for your checkbook, credit card, or start saving your pennies. This amp is fantastic. I flat-out guarantee it.



So let's see, here we have a $399 box that runs on batteries (looks like AC power isn't even an optional thing, it's a whole other unit, which is just stupid), doesn't support rechargeable batteries without removing them from the wooden case. It's supposed to make your headphones sound better. Can I hook a set of speakers up to it? No, which is ridiculous. Does it come with an adaptor for my headphones with a 1/8 jack? I doubt it, the review doesn't say. So why exactly is this an awesome product? Lame review.

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