Gun Bros

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Gun Bros

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Gun Bros is a non-stop 3D top-down dual-stick freemium shooter (say that ten times fast). You try to survive wave after wave of TOOL enemies until you die, earning Xplodium that can be refined into money. You then take that money and buy new weapons and armor that will make it easier to clear more waves (and earn more Xplodium – to buy more weapons and armor).

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Sure, it’s the same proverbial carrot on a string that makes all freemium and MMOs so addicting and frustrating, but when the price of entry is so low (free), its hard to hate it before trying it out. Specific design choices make Gun Bros even more addicting than your average shoot-em up or restaurant sim.

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Take, for instance, the Xplodium chambers that you can unlock for additional coins, which you get from refining Xplodium, or real-world cash via in-app purchases. Does your brain hurt yet? Don't worry it makes more sense when you're playing.

These refining chambers allow you to yield a much greater coin to xplodium ratio, but you’ll have to wait anywhere from five minutes (yield 119%) to 24 hours (yield 500%). This clever design choice will have you picking up your game each day, but that’s only if you buy the ridiculously expensive in-app purchases. 65 War Bucks costs $10 and definitely won’t even buy everything you’ll want (the 24 hour refinery costs 130 War Bucks, so over $20).

We couldn’t get Gun Bros to realize we were Online during testing, but according to the developer, when it does you can invite friends (with all their actual armor and weapons) to assume the role of friendly NPC (non-playable character) and fight alongside you.




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