Hairy Tales Review

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Hairy Tales Review

Click on tiles to change their orientation, and drag them to reposition.

Getting from one place to the next is trickier than it seems in Hairy Tales, a colorful Mac puzzler that finds you moving and turning various tiles to send the hero safely toward a goal. Initially, this means little more than evading hazards and creating a safe path forward, but as the 70-plus stages progress, you’ll encounter new obstacles, like enemies and fixed arrow tiles. It’s solidly smart and only occasionally frustrating, though the samey puzzles turn a bit monotonous before too long.

The bottom line. While not consistently enthralling, Hairy Tales is a pleasant and accessible puzzler for all ages.

Arges Systems

OS X 10.6.6 or later


Navigational puzzles are smart, but rarely overwhelming. Good for kids and adults alike.


Turns repetitive more quickly than expected. Visuals (while colorful) are a bit garish.



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