Hand-e-Holder Review

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Hand-e-Holder Review

For the accident prone iPad user in your life, a Hand-e-holder might insult their slippery fingers. But, at least it'll keep them from dropping the device to its death. The strap sticks to the back of the device with 3M adhesive, and it can rotate the iPad 360 degrees. Initially, you'll have some fun flying the iPad around like an airplane, but once you discover how difficult it is to remove the hand strap from the back of your device, your mood will quickly turn into intense frustration. It doesn't protect your device either, so if you'd rather keep the iPad safe and sound from the general wear and tear of life, you're better off spending the money on a case. ($39.99)

COMPANY: Hand-e-holder
CONTACT: www.handeholder.com
PRICE: $39.99



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