Haul iPad Folio Review

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Haul iPad Folio Review

These eccentric iPad cases are made out of the rubber printer blankets that were used during the offset printing process. Chances are, this iPad case has printed a couple thousand newspapers, catalogues and labels at one point in time, which makes it sort of ironic that you're stashing your tablet reading device into a case made out of material that used to print words.

On the outside, the folio fully wraps your iPad in its tough rubber material, while the inside is lined with brightly-colored fluorescent felt. Considering the heft and weight of this thing, we don't see anything awful happening to your iPad anytime soon, unless you physically throw the device on the ground yourself (but if you do that, you're just asking for it, so...). However, this thing is bulky, and its rubber casing means that it might get a bit difficult to wiggle it out of a purse or backpack. At least if there's a war, your iPad will fit right in. ($79.00 AUS)

iPad Folio
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