HD HomeRun Network TV Tuner Review



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Well its a good product. I bought one recently. However it does not have wi-fi. You have to connect it to your network via a wired connection. So they keep saying it has wi-fi, what they mean it the software can beam the recorded program from your computer using your wifi network. But the hardware itself cannot connect to the network via wifi.

Nor does it have anything but an ethernet out, so you cannot connect this directly to a TV, but perhaps that was never the intention of the product anyway.

The main issue is can your antenna receive signals, if it can this is a great product not otherwise. Some cable systems have unencrypted channels so you could hook up a cable connection instead of an antenna and watch or record those channels on your computer.

The TV guide deal for $20 a year is really good when you consider TIVO charges $20 a month, But then TIVO was never a good deal at all.

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