HeadRoom Portable Micro Amp



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But I think I'll keep the Grado, anyway, since I've just placed an order for it with Grado. I like the clarity and range of the Grado's reproduct on. I have been saving my pennies for years to be able to buy one, but finally splurged and used plastic. With all the listening I do, it's well worth it. And the Headphone unit may be too, depending upon one's tastes. Trialling the Grado amp at stores and listening to a friend's just kept making me regret not having bought one when I did have the cash, and so after discussing it with "she who must be obeyed" I took the plunge. Desperate times require desperate measures. But about the amp under review here, please do consider the cans you are using before purchasing the amp. Try to find a store that will let you try the amp with your preferred cans before purchasing. $399 is a lot of money in these times.

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