HeadRoom Ultra Desktop Amp



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Good to see some audiophile accessories given attention at Mac|Life!I'd really like to trial the amp, just to see how it sounds. As my Grado amp will be arriving shortly, I'll look forward to the experience. I agree that $1600 sounds a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. As my old hot-rodding buddies used to say, "Speed costs money; how fast you wanna go?" Actually, the latest components reviewed haven't even scratched the audiophile big-bucks components. I like the price range of the components you have selected to review - nothing too extravagantly priced. Although some will disagree.By the way, I just opened the new issue today and see the Grado SR60's reviewed. I must agree with the review. I first heard the Grados at a store in Westminster, CA, after reading a review in Stereophile. I bought them on the spot, since even though my old Quadra laptop couldn't do much with audio, I do have a large collection of vinyl and CDs. The SR60's are still working - even better than when new - over a decade later. Indestructible. Way to go, Mac|Life. Keep up the good work. There are a lot of audiophiles who have moved to the Mac for its quality, and we look forward to your magazine every month. I have even begun to enjoy your game review, and I have never even considered computer games. Open minds begin with opening one's mind.



So in the universe of Mac accessories that you could cover, why oh why does this $1600 headphone amp merit a review in MacLife? And you give it 4 stars, after stating that it doesn't provide better sound than a competing device that costs one quarter the money? I mean, what the hell is going on over at MacLife? Which part of your readership is in a position to dump the same amount of money that they'd spend on a MacBook, on some esoteric audio device? Are you folks actually in touch with your audience demographic? I would say not, based on this poor excuse for a review.

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