Hedgehog Launch

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Hedgehog Launch

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Sure, we’ve sort of compared everything to Doodle Jump since it was released in 2009, but that’s because it’s so good everyone wants to be it. Now, Hedgehog Launch isn’t exactly what you might consider a Doodle Jump clone, but its similarities are undeniable. With Hedgehog Launch you shoot a cutesy little hedgehog into the sky, and bounce off of platforms to get higher and higher. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

The difference is, in Hedgehog Launch there are upgrades and a definite end to the game. All you have to do is shoot the Hedgehog into space and you win. The quicker you can do this, the more achievements you’ll get in the end. My first launch came after 43 days, but by the second time I played through I had launched 16 days. For those of you that don't get far, don't you worry--there’s an achievement for launching under seven days.

Because of it’s definitive ending and tacked-on story, Hedgehog Launch feels a bit more like a single-serving game than Doodle Jump. If we had to recommend one of the two, our vote would go with Doodle Jump. But that’s the good news--we don’t have to, and neither should you. Hedgehog Launch is completely deserving of your 99 cents and we recommend it wholeheartedly.

Plus you can try and beat our Editor’s mini-high score of 16 day launch with no radar. BOOM.



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