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Jeffrey Dixon

This is so damn cool! Want want want!


Ann Jameson

Picked up my white unit just before xmas and I find it to be a lot of fun to use, happy to suppoort this new company!



I received my silver Hidden Radio in January. Upon first use I was a little concerned with the level of sound, but after a little warm up time it sounded great and it has ever since! I take mine with me everywhere as it is sleek and portable while other bluetooth speakers feel clunky (and don't always travel well). I love surprising friends with music (of my choosing, of course) at picnics, beach bonfires, and camping. Overall, I'm a huge fan, and happy customer. Can't wait to see what Hidden does next!


Kimberly Branham

Nice review! I miust say that I'm a big fan of my HiddenRadios. I bought in on the original first production run on Kickstarter and I've been really happy with them. I gave one to my Dad for xmas and he loved it. Really can't wait to see what these guys have next in the pipeline!



consider yourself lucky to have gotten a unit that worked. many of the original kickstarter backers have units that did not work from the beginning or quit shortly afterwords. the "discounted" prices on kickstarter have become the "norm" and the people who pledge small amounts for the reward of a thank you and mention on their homepage got nothing. customer service was and is non existent. those who tried to get service by writing on the Facebook page had their comments deleted and were banned from further comment. censorship is never a good policy. this is a company that does not deserve anyones money.

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