Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit Review



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I wouldn't buy these holga lens filters for my iPhone when there are so many camera apps out there that accomplish the same effects for a lower price and without requiring me to attach anything builky to my phone. Hipsta Hipster Cam is a good retro camera app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hipsta-hipster-cam/id587614331?ls=1&mt=8



I am terribly sorry, but i wouldn't put this on my iPhone even if it could make me a latte!
It's just too ugly....



OMG that is pure awesomeness!, I'm going to let the Sirian Council know about that!



I don't understand this. We wait in anticipation of having upgraded cameras built into our iOS devices and then we use something like this or other apps to distort the pictures and give them a retro look. I've had enough "retro" photos in my life. I grew up not knowing if the film I dropped off would turn out ok which most times didn't. Give me sharpness any day.

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