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I agree, occlusion is a big problem when playing this on an iPhone.

Huge Con: This game insists on playing its elevator music, making it incompatible with background audio apps. For example, I can't listen to a podcast or music of my choosing while playing. I can turn the volume all the way down and hear nothing, but it's that or elevator music.

Other Con: I got this after a similarly glowing recommendation that called it a "puzzle game". I like puzzle games, and while this is partially a puzzle game, I seems like I spend 30 seconds figuring out how to beat levels and 30 minutes or more trying to actually do it (and not having much fun in the process).

Final Pro and Con: Decoding the messages that you get intermittently doesn't look like fun to me, so I've ignore them all and been able to beat every level so far (I'm at 86). The first one's in English but if it has any relevance to the game I've yet to figure out its meaning: "A Mouse Has One Snout But A Hand Has Five". They get harder than just word jumbles; later ones look like substitution codes or worse, and eventually they use symbols instead of letters. If the first one had been useful I might go through the trouble, but since it wasn't, I'm avoiding these.

So I'm a bit bitter, but I paid for the game so I'm gonna try to at least beat all 100 levels.

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