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Scotty The Menace

The problem with iBank's account reconciliation feature is that they insist on injecting dates into a simple math equation. The bank's balance minus uncleared debits in iBank plus uncleared deposits in iBank should equal your iBank balance. Simple. Dates are irrelevant yet they insist on using them so you have to search your account register for the earliest uncleared transaction in order to insert the proper date. I was pulling my hair out and literally screaming at the software before I figured out that bit of nonsense.

How can you claim to be financial management software if you lack even a basic understanding of account reconciliation?



CHECK WITH YOUR BANK FOR SUPPORT BEFORE BUYING!!!! I bank with a large (very large, offices coast to coast) and they don't support it due to security reasons (that is what the banker in support at my bank told me. Looks cool but I would be VERY upset if I shelled out $60 on something I couldn't use without changing banks. I am soooooooo glad I downloaded the free trail. Had it on my computer for less than 30 minutes before I ran into this problem.

Do you research FIRST!!! Don't expect the software company to warn you.



I use ClearCheckbook. When I lost my temper with my girlfriend's PC and bought her a real laptop I had to replace Microsoft Money. She didn't want to use a web-based service. She also wanted an iPhone app (don't even ask me why she thinks a syncing iPhone app's more secure than a web-based service...). iBank imported her MM files perfectly and has a good iPhone app (much better than CC's). However, I must say that not being able to edit multiple events is annoying, and the mechanism for balancing bank statements is ridiculous.

CC's working on a new iPhone app. I'll wait.



I so want to like iBank but everytime I try and reconcile with it I get frustrated. I’ve used Quicken for years and they (despite many other shortcomings) make reconciling really easy. I also checked out MoneyDance and they have managed to make reconciliation easy so why can’t iBank?
I’m far from the only one to complain about this as there are dozens of complaints on their website.

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