iDreamCase iDC Sleeve Review

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iDreamCase iDC Sleeve Review

When a product is as simple as an iPad sleeve, it's the little touches that matter. iDreamCase crafts the iDC Sleeve in San Francisco, using a leather-like fabric from Italy, and it feels much more expensive than it is: just $10.95 for the iPad mini, and $14.95 for the big iPad.

The iDC sleeve comes in a range of rich colors: blue, red (sorry, "crimson"), ivory, burgundy, and black (or "steel," but it's black). The fabric looks and feels nice, and it's startingly spillproof. I purposely dumped some cold, stale coffee all over mine, and was able to wipe it clean with a dry paper towel -- no stain, no evidence. It didn't even smell. No way I'm ever carrying my iPad naked in my messenger bag again. I did carry the iDC Sleeve without an iPad inside, and it got a bunch of wrinkles all over it, but it was easy to flatten those out by laying the sleeve on a table under a heavy book. Remember books? Great for flattening things!

The bottom line. You can add a monogram for an additional $9.95 and this would still be cheaper than many iPad sleeves. But you don't need to, it's great even on its own.

$14.95 for iPad 2/3/4, $10.95 for iPad mini (shown)

iPad or iPad mini


Rich colors. Leather-ish feel. Low price. Monogram available for $9.95.


Doesn't fit over a Smart Cover. Gets wrinkled if you tote it around without an iPad inside, but why would you?



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