iLuv Diary Review

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iLuv Diary Review

iLuv's Diary is a black leather folio with a hard-shell frame inside that you snap your iPhone 5 into. The inside flap has two credit card slots, and we were able to fit three cards total comfortably, or four cards really crammed. But having any cards in there at all means the front cover doesn't stay all the way down when the case is closed up. If you keep it in your pocket, that's no big deal, but in a purse or bag I'd worry that the front would keep flopping open and the iPhone's screen would be exposed—which kind of defeats the point of carrying a folio case.

The bottom line. The leather is pretty nice, and it's a handy way to keep a $5 bill or a few business cards always with your iPhone. The thinner the better, when you're deciding what (if anything) to keep in the pocket.




iPhone 5


Nice leather case. Open bottom. Two card slots on the inside flap.


Doesn't close all the way flat when you have things in the pocket.



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