iLuv Pulse for iPhone 5 Review

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iLuv Pulse for iPhone 5 Review

Luv's Pulse features a two-piece design that allows you to mix and match parts to create different color combinations. The base layer is a solid-color cover that covers the back and edges of your phone. It's unremarkable on its own, but the bright outer layer snaps on top, offering bold stripes in a contrasting color. The second layer also adds three-dimensional texture that helps the phone stay in your hand and off the pavement.

You can buy Pulse in four colorways, and use the parts to mix and match your favorite color combinations. The base layer comes in white, pink, or gray, while the outer layer is available in black, blue, lime green, or hot pink. Collect all four, and you've got 12 different color options to swap at a moment's notice.

There's easy access to your phone's ports on the bottom, and covered volume and sleep buttons are easy to operate with the case in place.

The bottom line. If stripes are your thing -- or you're into the whole "collect 'em all" aspect of the interchangeable parts -- iLuv's Pulse offers good protection and grip without adding a lot of weight or bulk.


iPhone 5


Four colorways, plus mix-and-match parts offer tons of possibilities. Good protection, including covered buttons.


Colors lean toward the neon end of the spectrum. Parts not sold separately.



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