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iMovie was perfect until the 08 revamp, a totally POINTLESS and UNEEDED shift from easy timeline editing, plug-in support, numerous transitions and titles, to a horrendously dumbed down, retarded piece of crap. I'm not the only one put out by what Apple did to their flagship consumer video product...



I will agree with you only in so much that iMovie 08 was too bare bones.  Not only do I think iMovie '09 has caught up with iMovie 06 HD, it's faster, quicker to do edits, and has a much easier UI.  I believe now all we will see is more features being put into it. Rubber banding of Audio will return.  In the meantime you can do it in Garageband! Also, for the best video results, share the movie to Browser instead of sending it straight to iDVD! It was indeed not pointless, and unneeded, as iMovie 09 has sped up my ability to put together nice movies quickly.  Only novices purchased all the effect kits with iMovie 06, most pro movies and TV's don't really use that many effects.  The ones that are in iMovie 09 are more than sufficient. 



I was slightly bothered by your terminology in this comment. I respect your opinion, however I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from using "retarded" in your comments for inappropriate reasons (i.e. in the place of "stupid") since it is offensive and unnecessary. Thank you!



Perhaps I'm not the target customer as an audio professional who wants to be able to edit video and music together, but the lack of ability to change audio volume is absolutely a deal breaker, and I might add a pretty un-believable omission (or deletion considering it existed before). Since for even the most visually oriented, audio is at least %30 of the most basic movie, that omission alone warrants one less star.

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