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MARK11's the deal. Easy question for you hotshots.
At home...I have an old g4, Tiger. At work I have the new Mac pro tower, set up with FCP 6 and snow leopard and tons of apps.

Until I get my home deal updated...I can only do so much.
The big question is this...

I need to start making posters for one of my indie movies.
As well as making storyboards. I'd like to do this all with digital apps
on my home system. What free download apps are out there for making posters and storyboards>





Unless I missed it somewhere iMovie'11 doesn't allow one to "share to camcorder" anymore. A feature I use regularly. Glad I still have iMovie 4 on my G4!



Get a life, you advertisers - and not here at Mac|Life. I specifically will NOT buy your products now. This space is for REAL comments...

That said... This article was helpful, and I just bought iLife '11 and am looking forward to trying these new features out. I especially can't wait to make my first professional-looking trailer!

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