Incipio Edge Review

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Incipio Edge Review

The Edge hard shell protective case from Incipio is made of high density, form-fitting polycarbonate that will surely protect your device from scratches--just don’t bet on it to break a fall. The case is so thin that, even though we appreciate the room in our pockets and handbags, we’re afraid the thing will shatter if we drop it on cold concrete. The angled shape on the edges of the iPod also make accessing the volume and power buttons difficult--there is no comfortable way to access both the volume and power buttons with one hand. Adjusting the iPod’s volume while it’s rested in this case takes two hands--one to hold it, and a thumb to jab at it. This is unacceptable for the commuter who might only have one hand available to adjust the volume, or a runner who doesn’t want to stop their pace because they can’t turn up the sound on their favorite dance track. 
($29.99, coming soon)

While we like the fact that this case is stylish and thin, the Incipio Edge case just doesn’t work too well with the iPod touch’s form factor.

COMPANY: Incipio
PRICE: $29.99
REQUIREMENTS: iPod touch 4th generation



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