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Ok, as a reader of MacLife, I gave this system a whirl after reading the review.

It truly sucks.

I do not care about "messy" one bit. What I do care about is having my printer consistently recognize the cartridges that are inserted.

It worked fiiiine for a little while. But after one use, the "Light Magenta" on my Epson R280 was just not recognized, no matter what I did. Regular Epson cartridges still work fine. So I ended up using 5 of these refillable cartridges and one Epson. Less than ideal.

Still, the ink level indicators in the printer application are unreliable, and constantly shifting. I frequently need to reseat the cartridges in the slots. Yes, I did read the directions, and yes, I am doing what I'm supposed to.

I do not want to have to bump the cartridges each time I want to use them. I am not The Fonz. I do not want to have to clean my printer heads after every five printings (which I had to do in order to not get horrible quality). Who has time for that nonsense?

I probably broke even financially, all things considered, on the amount of use I got out of these things -- but I will sadly be going back to Epson cartridges. These things are a waste of money, and a HUGE waste of time.

If anyone has any other (better, more reliable) refillable options, please let me know. These are garbage.



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Interesting read, thanks for helping keep me busy at work ;)



Interesting read, thanks for helping keep me busy at work ;)


David Smith

The new Ink2image Trio bulk ink system for Epson desk top printer models represents a break
through in bulk ink technology. The unique system consists of refillable ink tanks that clip into
sleeve adapters that fit in a printer’s print head. The system is extremely cost effective while, at
the same time, reducing the waste impact on the environment through substantially less plastic
being used compared to normal throw away cartridges.
Dave from Best Registry Cleaner And How to Fix a PSP



Does anyone have a recommendation for the best bulk ink for Canon photo printers?



The practice to require follow on purchases like this was made illegal in 1975 with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Google it, it was passed because of car companies requiring oil changes at their dealerships only or voiding the warranty of a car. This act applies to printer ink also and any type of follow on purchase of any consumable good.

Refilling if done right will save you money.

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