Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive, Mac Edition



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Interesting stuff, for me though everything is now about mozy and rightly so, no problems at all.



I have this drive and overall, I really like it. I'm actually on my 2nd eGo 500 as my first ceased to work after a week of use. (I returned it to Best Buy for an exchange.)

I like that it's pre-formatted Mac OS Journaled and the FW connection is the best to use.

What I do not like about the drive is the need for 2 USB ports for USB connectivity, it gets very hot on the underside after a short while (whether it's idle or in use) and the FW 400 cable does not fit snug in the drive. Iomega has yet to address the heat problem.

Thanks for reading!



This is really nice I was using seagate Portable Hard Drive for storing backup before hi died..!! I was searching for another god hd so I think this will be good.

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