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I was fully prepared to pre-order my iPhone 5, but I'm glad I waited. I was looking for things to improve, but Maps is seriously a step backwards. I went into an Apple Store to test it out. I asked for directions to my work; I work in the middle of a major city, and it directed me to a random house in the suburbs. That's not where I work. I asked for directions home, and it directed me to a restaurant. That's not where I live. I use Google Maps on my iPhone 4 all the time, probably more than I use it for making phone calls. Paying for a new phone, a new case and several adapters in exchange for a broken navigation system just doesn't make sense. I honestly don't care if it's faster, because I don't have any complaints about the speed of my 4. I tried using Google Maps via their web app, but it doesn't work nearly as well as it does when it's integrated into the phone. I realized that I wouldn't even trade my Google Maps iOS 5 iPhone 4 for an Apple Maps iOS 6 iPhone 5 for free, so there's no way I'm dropping loot to make that exchange. I'm a huge fan of Apple products, but if this isn't fixed next year (and by fixed I mean giving us back a Google Maps option), I'm going to the dark side of Android phones. This corporate beef between Apple and Google seems to be improving the competition for the Android side, and hurting the consumer on the Apple side.

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