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I also found a number of problems with Iphoto 11. My most annoying was the loss of picture titles when creating a MobileMe Gallery. I only use Iphoto to create customer Galleries and to create Apple books. My workflow is Lightroom and PS CS4. I create password protected Galleries for customer use so they can let me know image choices ie picture DSC_1234. This was easy in '09 and didn't require a renaming of the picture to DSC_1234-12 for the reference to appear below the picture. The worst part of all this is when I sought Apple support I was finally told "that (the lack of unedited "titles") is an expected finding." Give Me A Break! This reminds me of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Now, perhaps it should read, "if it ain't broke, break it!" Iphoto has a lot of work ahead of it (one would hope)



iLife ’11 takes a few giant steps backwards. One of the most touted features of iPhoto’11 is the ability to work full time in full screen mode, however, you are now given no option to email photos from Apple Mail... only from iPhoto email using 1 of 8 different templates. If you want to email more than 10 photos or don’t care to use the templates, you are left with 2 undesirable options. First go out of full screen and drag and drop the photos you wish to email onto the Mail icon, and then proceed. However, doing this gives you a mail window with photos all crammed together...some side by side. There is no room given for captions using this method. So, you must waste further time using the Return key to space things out before you can type captions and send. (this is besides the fact that you had to leave full screen to do this). Another option is to leave full screen and open Mail and use the Photo Browser, then go to Photos or Events, then spend time locating the photos again that you had already been looking at in iPhoto a few moments ago, then drag them to a New Message window and proceed. Apple really needs to add the option to use either Apple Mail like before, and have iPhoto as a second option. No one wants to email using the templates 100% of the time. In fact I’d guess the templates will be used way less than half the time as are Mail’s Stationery options.
Another step backwards is the removal of the Copy and Paste buttons below the ADJUST palate. Now if you want to copy and paste adjustments across multiple photos one must either remember the shortcuts for those function or once again leave full screen and go to the Edit Menu to find “Copy Adjustments“ and “Paste Adjustments“. On my 24” iMac there is literally 5 inches of blank space under the adjust palate where the buttons should have been left!
Also missing at the bottom margin of iPhoto’11 is SET DESKTOP and SPLIT and the option to choose what you’d like to appear there as in iPhoto ’09. Now, to reset your desktop picture to another photo, you need to exit full screen and find it in the SHARE menu of all places. I had to locate it by using the Help Menu. The Split Events option is now in the Events Menu instead of easily found at the bottom of the window.
If some of these things aren’t fixed via an update soon, I will be returning to iPhoto’09!



What hogwash, this is terrible software! I had to revert to ilife 09 just to get my photo library back (time machine backup). Supposed fixes don't work either. Now iLife 11 sits in my cd storage case until some real fixes are implemented. Obviously the author has not tried to do any real work with this new version. In a word, "SUCKS"!



Seriously, not even a mention of how you can't even view a picture in "true" fullscreen. This is a huge negative, and greatly distracts from the "fullscreen" that they advertise. I want to see the image fullscreen, not with 2 menu bars.



The review from Rod Lawton regarding iphoto 11 is mostly glowing. However, unless your head has been in the sand for the past several weeks, you should have already known that there are multiple issues installing iphoto 11. Most remarkable is the fact that when it is installed, many customers have lost their entire iphoto library, permanently. Were you even aware that there was already an update published for iphoto, addressing this, and other installation problems? (The update does not appear to work). It is disappointing that your review appears so biased and very poorly researched. Try this for starters: Apple.com>support>discussions>iphoto...happy reading.

Hope you research your products better in the future!

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