iStopMotion 3 for Mac Review



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Allen Rockwell

Your article says "...but it's capable of tapping into any video or digital still camera..."

Not so true. The list of cameras that work flawlessly with this program is very short. The list of cameras you can use with some limitations or work-arounds (like no live view) is much longer. Also use of an HD Video camera might require you to install an inexpensive little app like Final Cut Pro X for it to work.

In theory this is a great piece of software and if you are going to use your iSight camera or a USB webcam type camera you'll love it ... but if you intend to use a higher quality camera or even the Intensity Shuttle capture device (recommended by Boinx) you might be in for some nightmares.

I love this software, I just wish it worked as advertised.... it would be so great if it did.



What about controlling things like exposure, manual focus and such. Is that all done through the camera or can it be done through the mac as well?

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