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Has no one experienced troubles with the Artwork? Sometimes it synchronizes sometimes it doesn't.



I want Apple to provide a program to examine my library and show which tracks will be matched and which won't so I can see what I'm buying. $25 is too much for me to just throw away. I can purchase a couple of albums or several ebooks with that much money.

What do you think?



My iTunes Match experience was terrible. I would download a playlist on my iPhone, start it up, and watch one error after another. It would play a track or two, then skip four, then play one song while it said it was playing another. I could sometimes get it to play songs that it skipped by going backwards on the playlist, but other times it would just stop playing altogether.

I got so fed up with the constant bugs that I turned off iTunes Match on my phone. However, even though this deleted the songs, it didn't delete the playlists. So I had hundreds of empty playlists to scroll through on my phone in order to find the few that contained songs. I had been looking forward to this ever since the WWDC keynote, but it was a huge disappointment.



I spent a lot of time loading CDs into iTunes at either WAV or Apple Lossless quality levels. I'm a musician and can hear the difference - so why would I want to do a downgrade?



Nice try.

I would love to see the logs from your blind ABX tests in which you can distinguish between Lossless and QuickTime AAC @256 Kbps. I would bet money that 99.99999999% of the time you can not. Headphones or speakers.

Having lossless sources is, however, a good idea.

BTW: there is no difference between "WAV or Apple Lossless quality levels." The fact that you imported them using iTunes, instead of using a secure ripper like XLD, kind of goes against your "Audiophile" cred as well. :)



I noticed the same thing about not matching songs that are in the library (even within an album, some songs match and some don't sometimes). Another glitch I found is that a handful of matched songs I re-downloaded to increase the quality (only 7 out of several hundred re-downloads) downloaded m4a versions instead of AAC versions. The m4a files aren't compatible with my iPod Classic. Hopefully they'll fix those songs soon.

Now if only Apple would release an iPod (preferably a Touch, but a Classic would be OK) with 192 or 256 Gb of storage, I'd be a happy camper.



AAC is the codec. M4A is the container. They are not distinct from one another, rather AAC is contained as M4A. (So is Apple Lossless.)

I'm not at all certain what you mean. I can think of no iPod, past or present, that doesn't support M4A (MP4) and AAC.

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