Kensington Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse Review



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I've just bought this mouse and have been able to assign all of the buttons (except the one under the scrollwheel). Under mission control it let me choose the buttons I wanted for mission control, application window, show desktop and show dashboard. Been really pleasantly surprised with how good this mouse is especially for the price.
I am running mountain lion on my macbook so don't know if this makes a difference.



And yet another non ambidextrous rodent I won't be buying, c'mon mouse makers, enough with the right hand biased mice, us lefties are getting sick of this.

All jokes aside, sure a high end gaming mouse should be tailored for a specific hand, but everyday tasks, a mouse should be ambidextrous, just saying.


James Dempsey

Given that 90% (probably a lot closer to 95%) of computer users are right-handed, I wouldn't hold your breath for any relief from manufacturers.

Apple makes a mouse perfect for lefties (not that I'm saying the Magic Mouse is a perfect mouse). But really, the Magic Trackpad is about as close to perfect as you're going to get. Mouse makers will like start shifting focus to touch-devices because that's what Apple will be doing in the next year or so.

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