Kid Reviews - Tap Tap Revenge

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Kid Reviews - Tap Tap Revenge

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Tap Tap Revenge

I like this game, but wish for a little variety. I think that the monotony makes it a little dull, unfortunately, but it’s fun while it lasts. The arrows break the game up a little. Plus, it’s addicting, reeeeeeeally addicting, especially if you like music games but don’t have Guitar Hero or Rockband because of the expense (this one is the best price ever, free!!).

I think it has some fun tracks and some that make you want to throw your phone into a fireplace than smash the remains (muahahahaha), courtesy of the difficulty curve (I get better percent with some on ultimate than I do on hard). Plus, I like a few of the songs in it. There are some that I don’t like (I’m watching you Becca), but I like more than I dislike, so it’s still a good deal. In any case, I don’t play the ones I don’t like, so there’s really nothing to complain about.

There are a few things in need of changing. For instance, you don’t lose until you have -5000 points, so there is really no way to lose, unless you have no thumbs, and then, why play? So then, since you almost can’t lose, there is little challenge, unless you try to get 100%, and that would be a challenge for sure.--Cam K, age 11




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