LaCie USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 Review



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I too would go for eSATA at this point. Or be happy with Firewire 800.

Apple needs to get their laptop act together for professionals and put an express card slot back into the 15" MacBook Pro, or they need to release the next generation with LightPeak copper connectors and/or an eSATA port capable of port multiplication. Intel should not wait for 2012 to support USB 3 if they don't have plans for a release of LightPeak soon.

And NEC needs to stop being jerks. Now that they've merged with Lenovo, what's the possibility of that?



If I had a ExpressCard/34 slot, and looking for top speed external storage. I'm pretty sure I'd use a eSATA card and go with that. No compatibility problems. I'd reccommend the Sonnet Temp SATA Pro card along with their Fusion F2 which uses both eSATA connections for top speed. See the test results.

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