Logitech Harmony 1100



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Eye candy yes but the appeal begins to fall off there. I have a Plasma, DVR, Receiver, PS3, and DVD player all connected to my remote. The set up was simple once I connected to my MacBook and entered the requested data such as make/model and what I want to turn on when hitting a designated "activities" button. The issue I have is when I point the remote at my system there is a 50/50 chance everything will come on at the same time. If not then you have to press "help" then it runs though a series of questions until all the equipment is turned on a desired. Scrolling through the DVR menu often results in the remote freezing up and then at once it scrolls through about 100 channels with out stopping that is if you do not have to hard power it down by removing the battery. When playing from the DVR selections I often find myself having to jump between screens form the control screen to the screen to choose which what to play and has the A, B, C options (Comcast user know this commands). Overall I would not shale out 50 bucks again for this remote but love the Logitech's USB setup interface because it was fast and simple so I would recommend a less expensive Logitech remote for your home theater. I will say it always grabs my guests attention and gets a good "WOW" or "man it's touchscreen".

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