Logitech Performance Mouse MX



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I have this mouse for desktop and its amazing i think. yeah the glass feature might not be used much, but it tracks on ANY surface 10times better then any laser or optical mouse, or even the forbidden bluetrack. the Logitech AnywhereMX the performance Mouse MX's little brother is great for laptops as a portable mouse.



I have been a huge fan of Logitech peripherals for a long time and was a huge fan of the MX 1000. I got this mouse as an gift for X-mas and have to say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Ok, yes it tracks on Glass. How often do you really need to do that? The feel of the mouse is as if it’s falling out of your hand, not very comfy. Logitech moved the Forward/Back navigation buttons up a little too high for it to be comfortable to use often. However a special treat for you windows users as the App Jumper button mimics OSX’s Expose’ and does it quite well. Took me a day or two to find the App Jumper button, maybe because my fat thumb was blocking the view of it the whole time. Charging is now possible while in use, but some part of me misses the old cradle charger instead of the included usb charger. It does come with a wall outlet adapter and a neat mini shave looking bag to carry all the fore mentioned contents. Is this a good performance mouse, I would say yes but your $100 would be better spent elsewhere.

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