A Look at Why Mac Users Might Want the G-Phone



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I use a mac all day long, but for the 1000 ridiculous reasons I have, I never got the iPhone, even though I know how sexy one is. I am just not interested in it. Soft touch keys are coming soon, but I wouldn't use them. There is a different web browser out now that allows you to take full advantage of the accelerometer and provides softkeys so you never have to slide open the screen in browser mode, which is nice, but I still don't like the softkey keyboard. I think the iPhone's camera responds better, I don't understand the need of an auto focus when they should have been working on making a better point and shoot, but with the problems that are there, the solutions are many. http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10155625-1.html?tag=mncol My favorite feature is just having all the contacts out somewhere in the google clouds. It's small reason for my to like the phone, but it is what I really like, because first and foremost this is a phone. I keep hearing the the g1 is an iPhone killer, but I don't see that. The iPhone has secured itself in this market, and it's going to take something amazing to knock it down. The g1 is just a really nice, not cheap, alternative. Oh yeah, and it's not on the crappiest network known to man, oh man I hate AT&T.


It's great to see iPhone competitors — that means iPhone users will hopefully benefit from new features — but in reality this thing is ugly, big and the interface does not look welcoming. In order to do info sync, everything has to be tied in to Google (mail, contacts, etc).

Removable battery & nicer camera? Cool. But the main reason I got an iPhone was to simply sync all my info and have it with me, as well as combining my iPod & a simple camera into one device that I always have with me. If I could have bought an iPhone without the data plan I would have seriously considered that option.

I think it's funny when these new touchscreen phones come out and replicate the iPhone to the nth degree, then people bash the iPhone and praise these wannabes. Sorry, this isn't innovation, they're just cheaper knockoffs. great for some, but if Mac users looked at the world that way, they wouldn't be Mac users. Part of what we enjoy is the seamless integration & the well-designed UI.

There's definitely a market for these though. I see lots of misiinformed folks out there with visions of lock-in in their head over Apple/iPhone/iTunes — but in reality it's the same for any device. I wouldn't even consider one of these new breed of smartphones if it weren't Apple making one. Maybe someday the G1 descendents will be a serious contender to what the iPhone truly is, but right now is not that time.



Sorry to disagree with you and your last poster, this was not a great article.

1) Amazon store. You state that it works like iTunes with a competitive selection of music and even insinuate that it helped cause apple to go DRM free, but the facts are that it requires WiFi for downloads has only half as many songs (iTunes is at 10 million), uses an inferior encoding and Apple was the first to get a major label to go DRM free.

2) The openness of Android. For all it's Openness, it still lacks the same key features today of the closed iPhone. No real tethering application, no 3G music download (oops iPhone has that), no flash (although both seem to be working on it). In the end we don't know that this is really an advantage. Apple has let most of the banned applications back into the store and will open more areas over time. So when talking about this discuss actual released products and not dreams.

I will admit that Android looks to be a more serious competitor than the Palm Pre in 2009 for the iPhone but it is still playing catchup right now and has a lot of ground to cover. IMHO.



I switched to G1 about 2 months ago, when i had to change a carrier...will never go back!
The openness of Android is amazing and there are some serious application that I enjoy.
Funny you mention TuneWiki, I am completly addicted to this application, I could not use it on the iPhone as it was only on the jailbroken iPhone. It is a music player light years ahead of of iPod and anything else that exists out there.
Great article, it takes a lot of courage for a MAC guy to come out like this.

P.S ... I was also forced to change my mac for an P.C ...after 4 weeks and could not take it anymore and begged my boss to allow me to go back to mac .. i am back on the saddle !!!


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