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Thanks for the nice post.



I am using machighway for my domain since 2005, before it became Machighway, when it was still So far I only remember one single time when services were offline for a half day. Their support is always quick (email and tickets). I originally came to them because I was looking for a Mac based provider. Now I also enjoy that Machighway uses 100% wind-power. Only two negative things so far: Their Homepage is kind of a mess and not well designed. And I liked it way better as it was called ITSAMAC. Thats so much easier to tipe!



I have just renewed my annual membership with MacHighway. I also have a MobileMe account.

I know I don't need both but each has its purposes for me. MobileMe is real easy and is my main email service, it can assist me in finding my iPhone, makes it easy to share files with others, I can put together photo galleries real fast and I keep info synched between my travel MBP and my MacMini at home. I have never been able to use Back to My Mac because of my firewall configuration (I'm still trying to figure out why it doesn't work), and I have stopped using iDisk because it was a big hassle. I have had to reset it way too often. I am trying Dropbox now and I just wish iDisk was as robust and as idiot proof.

I originally signed up with MacHighway to learn how to create, upload and maintain a Website. It took me awhile but I have three websites at MacHighway now and while I am no expert I was able to get them working. I also have three email accounts at MacHighway - which are all aggregated to my program.  Whenever I have a problem (usually user error) the help desk is great - fast, efficient and not condescending. They actually seem to care. It is very important to me that I can talk to someone who can help and do it without an attitude.

So while I know I am wasting some money, I am not quite ready to free myself from MobileMe. Kind of like training wheels I suppose. But both have complimentary uses for me. Now about that iDisk - Apple just buy Dropbox already!

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